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Acceptance & The Role It Plays in Skin Healing

A large part of healing is not only supporting your body through tools like food, lifestyle, medication and proper skin care products, but also doing a deep dive into who you are and how you are approaching your health… I break down my personal experience below.

After listening to a beautiful episode on the Journey to Glow podcast featuring George Holbrook, I was inspired to write this and share a little story of my own. Georgie explains her journey dealing with severe rosacea and how healing was possible when she was able to let go of trauma in her life and the all encompassing idea of “being sick”. When your main focus is concentrating on what is wrong with you and letting that take over your life and overall perception of who you are, this can be very detrimental (speaking from experience).

By the way, I am not saying "woo-sahing" your way through physical health issues is how to heal... I hate when people say that, haha! There is a lot to it, but this is definitely part of the process.

When I started having symptoms of Lyme Disease, it was a long journey to just be diagnosed and that journey became my identity, which I do not blame myself for, it was a very long road and when your body is in physical pain 24/7 you do succumb to it. I talk about my journey with Lyme disease and relate it to similar feelings of mourning a loss, you go through stages of sadness, grief, denial, anger and then with time you reach a point of acceptance.

Although it took me a few years to reach that point of acceptance, once I got there, real healing was able to take place because I was able to accept what was happening, see the positives, and then move forward from there. It was a real journey of self-discovery and I can proudly say that my body is in remission, I do have remainders of joint pain and arthritis, but I will take that any day… I think of it all as “battle wounds”. I have traveled to a new place in life, one that I am so grateful for. My outlook on life is different, things that once upset me no longer do, my overall demeanor is calmer… and this is because I not only did the physical work to get me here but the mental work as well. All of this goes to say, you have to do the work to reach healing.

When you are dealing with periods of inflammation (think acne, rosacea, eczema) it can greatly impact your life and perception of yourself… but what is going on internally that can bring out this inflammation? Is it stress, self-perception, lack of happiness or self fulfillment? Yes, these things play a huge role in the health of our bodies, stress itself release free-radicals into our bodies at an astronomical rate. Think of free-radicals as cells that have lost everything they had and go around stealing from other healthy cells, causing all of the other cells to be sad and lonely… this is basically what happens to our cells when stress takes place.

This is what my Skin Coaching Sessions concentrate on and try to educate on. Like I said in the beginning… food, lifestyle, and supportive whole plant skin care products play a huge role in healing your skin, but there is more work to be done on the inside. Our skin is always telling us something, if it’s angry and red… maybe there is a little more going on than you realize. Once you reach healing and can look back on your journey, you will be more than grateful and proud of yourself. Believe me, you can do it.

If you are currently dealing with symptoms of Lyme Disease and are feeling stuck, please reach out to me, I would be more than happy to share my resources with you. XO

Take care, xo

Astrid Makenzi

The Holistica Hive

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