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Cyber Monday Is Here!

Hi there Holistica Hive! It has been a little bit... and so much has happened in these last few months! Thank you for being patient and also to those who have continued to support The Holistica Hive, it means the world to me!

The Holistica Hive Shop

Okay... first thing is first! Cyber Monday is here and you don't think I would let you all miss out on some amazing offers do you??? Because of our recent move to North Carolina and life being overall a little (or a lot!) hectic for everyone right now... The Holistica Hive is offering this Cyber Monday Special until tomorrow!

This applies to ANY products that I currently have left in the shop! Due to COVID and shipping from Canada, I will not have a restock on sold out items until January! So make sure you get your skin goodies in time!

Use code:

BLACKFRIDAY5 for $5 OFF 1 product PLUS $5 shipping!

Use code:

BLACKFRIDAY10 for $10 OFF 2 products PLUS $5 shipping!

If you have any product related questions, please send them my way!

Take care, xo

Astrid Makenzi

The Holistica Hive

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