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Healthy Aging: Let's Change The Narrative

Let's change the narrative together when it comes to aging! To me, aging is a gift and with that comes the responsibility of taking care of your skin & body the best ways you can!

The mainstream marketing terms like "anti-aging", "the look everyone strives for" and "reverse aging" are old fashioned and outdated. Aging is not the end-all-be-all, in fact, it's a beautiful opportunity for us all to take advantage of and support our skin in the process.

When we take away the stigma that aging is a negative thing, we can alleviate a lot of the pressure put upon us, by society and by ourselves. A whole entire multi-billion dollar industry has been built (by pressuring women in particular) to attain certain beauty standards and physical appearance, in order to be "accepted".

We as the consumers have the power to change this narrative and it's already happening! Look at brands like, Aerie, who made a pledge to no longer photoshop their models. Skin care brands like the cult-favorite, Glossier, made millions from their skincare campaigns, that embrace women with breakouts, acne scarring and pore-full skin. We deserve better and so we must demand better, not only from the industry but from ourselves.

As part of my skin care practice, it is my goal to have all of my clients & those who follow The Holistica Hive to start looking at the changes that happen to our bodies as we age as new exciting journeys, rather than something to be ashamed of.

Of course, there is no shame in wanting to keep your skin looking as healthy as possible. Through supportive plant based skin care, facial massage, lymphatic drainage, proper diet & exercise, holistic modalities (think acupuncture), self care and love we can learn to embrace the changes our bodies go through as we age.

Yes, yes... I know you are probably rolling your eyes that this is coming from a 25-year-old... but through my own personal health challenges, I have learned to have a new appreciation and love for my body than ever before. I used to put restraints on myself that truly kept me from appreciating my body and limited my ability to love life, it took lots of unlearning to be able to reach a point where I can say that I love myself, my body, and the skin that I'm in.

So join me and start taking little steps to appreciate where you're at and where you've come from. Keep supporting your body through it's ever-changing cycles and let's start changing the narrative!

Astrid makes herself so available to talk through skincare concerns... Talking with Astrid and figuring out a new skin care path with new products to use changed my confidence so much. ❤️

~ Client Testimonial

Take care, xo

Astrid Makenzi

The Holistica Hive

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