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Masks & Their Impact on Your Skin

Masks are required when in public to protect yourself and those around you, and if you're going to be wearing a mask you should know that your skin is going to need a little more love than usual, so let's get started!

"Maskne" is becoming a new popular term, coined in reference to the excess amount of breakouts and irritation that has been occurring specifically in the mouth and chin area due to prolonged wearing of masks. Let's face it, breathing inside of the mask is hard enough as is and those extra breakouts due to trapped sweat, oil and debris buildup on top of it aren't fun!

What should I be doing after wearing a mask for extended periods of time?

After removing your mask and giving your hands a very thorough washing, you want to make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin as well. This is the perfect time to incorporate double-cleansing, this is when you cleanse once to remove buildup, excess oil, dirt and debris and then you repeat this process a second time to really cleanse the pores. After double-cleansing, you'll want to apply a serum that can bring moisture back into your skin, try a Hyaluronic Acid Serum (I love this one from Botnia, limited ingredients and beautiful quality). After applying a serum, you'll want to lock in that moisture with a soothing cream or oil

What if my skin is craving even more moisture?

If you double-cleansed, used a serum, and soothing oil and still find your skin to be overly dry or irritated, use an occlusive to really seal in that moisture, Aquaphor is a great option for this type of situation. (Overuse can cause pore clogging but in emergencies like this, you're golden!)

What type of mask is best for my skin?

If you are not able to access professional-grade masks like, N95/KN95/Surgical, then find a mask that is breathable and non-irritating to the skin like 100% organic cotton. Avoid masks that have adhesives or dyes.

I feel like I'm doing everything right to protect my skin, but still breaking out from the mask, what should I do?

If you are using a homemade or store bought mask and are washing between every use, then you might be sensitive to the type of ingredients in the detergent you are using. Make sure you are using a gentle, hypoallergenic blend if you feel you are having a reaction.

Also, make sure you are not wearing makeup with your mask, and on days where you're not wearing it as often, take a break from applying makeup as a whole, let your skin breath!

I was having skin issues before and feel like my skin is just irritated and out of control, what should I do?

If you are having trouble with your skin and feel like you have tried everything under the sun, I would love to guide you through the healing process. I have suffered with acne and various skin issues throughout my life, and can completely relate to what you're going through! You can see some of my clients results HERE. You can also schedule a Holistic Skin Coaching Session with me below.

Take care, xo

Astrid Makenzi

The Holistica Hive

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