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Over-exfoliating: It's damaging your skin

Hi there Holistica Hive! It has been a little bit... and so much has happened in these last few months! Thank you for being patient and also to those who have continued to support The Holistica Hive, it means the world to me!

Okay... so during these last few months, I've had the privilege of helping some amazing people with their skin. We did this all through Skin Coaching Sessions.

Along the way, I have noticed an overwhelming amount of 1 common trend... over-exfoliation.

Let's define "exfoliation."

"Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool"

Okay, so how am I over-exfoliating my skin? Well let's break it down...

  1. You are removing your skincare products in a damaging way, like using a wash cloth. Some people can use a washcloth to wipe away makeup or their cleanser and have absolutely no issue, but if you have a weak skin barrier (dry, red, dull), some washcloths (no matter how soft they feel) can create micro-tears in the skin, allowing for dryness or breakouts to occur.

  2. You have too many exfoliating factors in your routine. Your everyday cleanser is an enzyme cleanser or contains rose, which are both meant to increase cellular turnover, and shed dead skin cells, paving the way for new ones. When this process happens too frequently (i.e. everyday) then your skin doesn't get the time it needs to regenerate, creating dryness, redness, dullness, and breakouts.

  3. You are using a facial scrub. Ugh, I hate to tell you but I am going to strictly say stay away from facial scrubs if you are acne-prone or struggling with acne or dryness. Why? Because facial scrubs can be abrasive, creating micro-tears in the skin that allow bacteria to seep in causing breakouts. They can also damage the skin barrier, leaving your skin even more dry and flaky then when you started!

So if you have been struggling with your skin, look at the ingredients and how many are supposed to stimulate cellular turnover (like vitamin A, retinol, rose) and that just might be the culprit in your skin dilemma.

And of course, if you are struggling with your skin or just want a consistent routine and don't know where to start, my Skin Coaching Sessions are a perfect way to dive in! For the rest of the summer, 100% of the cost of a Skin Coaching session will go towards your product order!

If you have any product related questions, please send them my way!

Take care, xo

Astrid Makenzi

The Holistica Hive

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