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What Can I Do Right Now To Help My Acne?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I've dealt with acne first hand, it's not fun, it's actually extremely life changing and for those who haven't dealt with it, they just don't get it! Even if you know better then to pick your skin, touch your face, switch your products constantly, etc. you just can't stop! You'll do practically anything to make it go away, but seriously, less is more when it comes to acne.

When I started implementing these steps below and using the right skin care products for me, then I was able to start the healing process.

Step 1: Wash your pillowcase

Sounds simple, right? Well, I can tell you that I know a lot of people who have acne who don't do this and it's super detrimental to your skin. Think about all the oil from your hair and skin that absorbs onto your pillow, that is then transferred to your face. When I was having the worst acne of my life I changed my pillow case every single day. I wanted to give my skin a fighting chance to heal overnight.

Step 2: Get a pH balancing shower filter

Our water can contain chlorine and sediments that make it very hard for our skin to maintain its proper pH which can impact our skin's healing process. If you have acne, your skin is already vulnerable, so make sure you can actually clean it properly without over drying it. We installed the Hydroviv Shower Filter and I truly love it and felt a huge difference in my skin, plus it lasts 9-12 months before you have to replace the filter!

Step 3: Avoid sugar

Yes- I know this is what everyone says to anyone who is dealing with acne, but it's true. No sugar means no sugar, and that includes late night visits to the sweets drawers in the pantry. Excess sugar can throw our hormones out of whack, especially for women, and when our hormones aren't balanced we can start to overproduce hormones which throws our skin into a frenzy, causing painful jawline acne.

Step 4: Avoid Dairy

Did you know dairy contains a hormone called IGF-1 and when consumed it can trigger your hormones that produce things like acne? Dairy can cause your sebaceous (oil) glands to produce excess oil which clogs your pores. I know... it’s sad because let’s face it, most dairy products taste amazing... but is it really worth that extra breakout on your face? Breakouts can be caused by a number of factors including: diet, pollution, skincare products, allergies, stress, hormones, you name it! Dairy may be one of the things that is harming your skin specifically around the chin and jawline... try removing it from your diet or slowly winding down your dairy intake and you may start to see a difference in your skin.

Step 5: Don't pick, poke, pop or touch!

If you're looking in the mirror and see something that needs to be popped, don't do it! I'm telling you, it will make things worse. This can actually spread the bacteria that's lying under the skin and cause more breakouts to occur. I know it's very tempting, but you will regret it. After I stopped touching my skin for good, it started to heal right before my eyes. I know that most of us don't like walking around with a huge white ball in the middle of our faces so if it's for a special occasion, then expel the pus by washing your hands, cleansing your face, drying your face with a clean washcloth, putting a clean tissue on each finger tip and gently pressing around the area, then blotting up the excess fluid, and putting on a spot treatment (My favorite spot treatment for active breakouts and helping to heal scarring is the Zippity Dew Dab by Living Libations)...other than that, leave it to the professionals, like me haha!

Step 6: See a professional!

If you want to improve your skin in any way, try looking up estheticians in your area and seeing what services they offer, what products they use, and their reviews! For me personally, I was able to heal quicker with organic, plant based skin care products and so this is what I use and believe in at The Holistica Hive. Make sure that the esthetician goes over your health history and life habits with you, is understanding, uses proper hygiene and explains what they are doing to your skin and why! All of these things are super important to helping you understand how you can help your skin in the long run!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me to see how you can start healing your skin, click here!

Take care, xo

Astrid Makenzi

The Holistica Hive

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